Hello World

A campaign to open possibilities
for individuals with autism.

ABC of NC is here to open a world of possibilities for people with autism and their families — a world of safety, hope, and belonging.

Whether it’s helping a child speak a first word or preparing a young adult for his first job, we provide support where it wasn’t available before.

We don’t have the current capacity to provide the many services for the area families who need us. But there’s great news — you can help us help families by supporting ABC of NC’s Hello World campaign.

Meet ABC of NC

ABC of NC was founded in 2002 by caring members of our community who saw the need for specialized autism treatment in the Piedmont Triad and beyond. Since its founding, ABC of NC has been at the forefront of delivering critical services for children and families impacted by an autism diagnosis and has evolved into a vital, physical presence.

But you can only stay in front if you are able to grow, change, and lead. It’s time for a big, bold step and a world of new possibilities.

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Welcome to our world

Learn more about the proposed ABC of NC campus and how it will benefit children, adults, families, our entire community, and beyond.

Clinical Building

Construction of a 20,000+ square-foot clinical building provides distraction-free therapy suites for behavioral, speech, and occupational therapies; labs for functional living skills; and career/vocational training spaces.

Educational Buildling

Renovation of the existing 9,000+ square-foot educational building enables ABC of NC to continue serving families from any economic background.


Construction of an 8,500 square-foot “gymatorium” provides space for physical activity and converts to an auditorium.

Barbershop Learning Lab

Housed within the proposed clinical building are Learning Labs that replicate community environments—such as a hair salon, dentist office or grocery store—where families learn how once dreaded experiences can become welcome ones.

Diet Expansion Lab

ABC of NC’s pioneering diet expansion program helps children broaden their diets by using their favorite foods as a launching pad to gradually increase their repertoire.


The gymatorium will open the door for new experiences, such as adaptive martial arts, yoga, and performance programs. This versatile space will also allow for parent and professional trainings on evidence-based autism practices.

Apartment Learning Lab

The vocational and independent skills labs will help prepare individuals to live more independently, and in many cases, find meaningful work.

Campus Master Plan

Our new campus will include construction of a new clinical building (1), renovation of the existing educational building (2), construction of a “gymatorium,” (3) a new splash pad, and a nature trail.

Hello Generous Community

Our diverse community is home to many people with autism and their families, and a campaign that supports ABC of NC must draw upon the generosity of all. ABC of NC is raising $5 million to build a comprehensive autism services campus and support the programs housed therein. Generous, committed donors have provided strong, early momentum, and we are confident that our supporters have the resources, heart, and will to meet this philanthropic challenge.

Give now

Construction of New Clinical Building


Construction of New Gymatorium


Repairs and Updates to Existing Educational Building


Programmatic Enhancements




Progress to Date



To-date, we have received $6,330,000 towards our goal of $6,500,000. Thanks to our generous community for their amazing support!

Goodbye Fear

An autism diagnosis doesn’t have to be scary — ABC of NC is here to help. When you give to ABC of NC, you have a lasting influence in the lives of children with autism, their families,and our community.

We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure.

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